Cut out Hearts Necklace
Cut out Hearts Necklace N-H-S-119-M ZX ZZ-5513

Customize this beautiful, delicate necklace with any phrase or date you desire and it will give the perfect touch any outfit. This item is available in two colors (silver and gold) over stainless steel.

Additionally, it is possible to view your messages on our preview system with different writing styles. Check out these messages:

  • Love is all we have.
  • You are my constant
  • The calm to my storm
  • Since We Were
  • World's Best Mom
  • I'll Always Need You
  • Always and Forever
  • Vous et Nul Autre
  • Tu as de beaux Yeux.
  • J’adore ton sourire.


  • Big heart- Maximum message length: Up to 20 characters.
  • Small heart- Maximum message length: Up to 20 characters.
  • The first letter is capitalized.
  • Available in different fonts in accordance with your taste (View our preview system).
  • View our chain length guide.

Please note:

  • The final chain length may be a bit longer because of including the pendant.
  • Due to the existence of some thin lines in your design and the hand finishing process, actual product might be slightly different from the preview image.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us with any special requests or questions.

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