Disc Name Necklace
Disc Name Necklace N-C-S-101-1 ZOK-8574 ZOKz-5511

Here is our stylish disc necklace that can be customized with any names or words of your choice. It is diffidently the perfect addition to different outfits and can be worn on its own or layering with other necklaces. The choices are yours!

This item is available in two colors (silver and gold) over stainless steel. Additionally, it is possible to choose your favorite writing style on our preview system.

Here are some adorable messages to engrave on this necklace:

  • You’ll Always Rock my World
  • To Be One With Each Other
  • Love of My Life, Life of My Love
  • In Love, WE Can Conquer the World
  • We went From Best Friends to This
  • I want to be the only hand you ever need to hold.
  • Lucky to have a special friend
  • You and me, LOVE, Forever, …
  • One Day at a Time Till Forever


  • Double sided pendant.
  • Maximum message per side: Up to 30 characters.
  • The first letter is capitalized.
  • Available in different fonts in accordance with your taste (View our preview system).
  • View our chain length guide.

Please note:

  • The final chain length may be a bit longer because of including the pendant.
  • Due to the existence of some thin lines in your design and the hand finishing process, actual product might be slightly different from the preview image.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us with any special requests or questions.

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