Women’s standard necklace chain sizes

Women’s standard necklace chain sizes

Take into account that every woman is unique in physical and aesthetic preferences. For choosing the right necklace chain size, it is recommended to consider where you want to wear the necklace and also the clothing that is likely to be worn with. 

Check out the necklace size below to learn more:

  • 14’’ necklace 
    (Collar length) 35 cm
    Fits closely to the neck and is a perfect size for a child.

  • 16’’ necklace
    (Choker length) 40 cm
    Lies perfectly around the neck.  

  • 18” necklace
    (Princes length) 45 cm
    The common choice that hangs at the collarbone and perfect for adding a pendant.  

  • 20’’ necklace
    (Matinee length) 50 cm
    Will reach a few inches below the collarbone and a perfect choice for a low, plunging neckline or over a turtleneck.

  • 22’’ necklace
    (Matinee length) 55 cm
    Falls at the top of the bust.