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About NameGallery

At Name Gallery, we believe life is precious and it will be more meaningful when we share love and friendship with the family, friends and loved ones. We offer hundreds collection of jewelry and accessory for you to commemorate the biggest moments of life and cherish the everlasting bond with special ones.

Please note that we are not just an online jewelry store but we consider your taste and the reasons behind your shopping. We realize that everyone deserves a high quality piece of jewelry that can be treasured for a lifetime; therefore we are committed to creating jewelry from superior materials based on your taste and personality.

Our motto is “ Your Name, Your Brand’’ and with our new style, you have your own personal jeweler. In fact, every piece of our handmade jewelry collection will be crafted to your specifications. Your taste, style, and unique personality are valuable to us and we take great effort to provide you the knowledge of our products and services to help feel confident and passionate about purchasing a product of ours.

The benefit for you is buying a fabulous collection of jewelry with unique styles at a fair price. Because of buying from our website, products come to you directly without brokers involved which can be an excellent way to save money. Moreover, we provide you with an opportunity to create a great memory for priceless moments and express what words cannot.

What makes us distinct from other online jewelry stores is that we are obsessive about quality and the style of each and every piece of customized jewelry. Although the selected writing style is important for the final design, we promise that our superior materials and well-designed jewelry will satisfy you.  

Last but not least, at this time we share our vision with customers in Canada and will be happy to receive your questions, comments, and requests at [email protected].